Oval Locket Photos (add-on) only


Skip the hassle of printing, cutting and gluing. With this add-on we will get everything done for you so it is instantly wearable or gift-able.

Lockets sold separately.

  • Includes up to 2 photos.
  • This listing is an add-on photo service for locket purchases only.
  • If you previously purchased or received a locket as a gift and need photos, you can upload your pictures and we will send you a photo sheet. This will require you to cut+glue them yourself.

How it works

Step 1 Upload your photo(s)
Step 2 Resize the crop to your desired frame. Keep the crop as close as possible considering the locket is quite small on the inside.
Step 3 Add to cart along with your locket and checkout.
Production 5-7 business days


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