Amanda Fong

Founder, CEO

With a background in UX/UI and digital product design, her passion lies in the spirit of the analog making process such as jewelry, pottery, and DIY projects. She is a self-taught artisan who learned her skills by taking classes from various studios around the world.Born and raised in New York, Amanda moved to Los Angeles where she was inspired by the laid-back way of life, desert trees, holistic healing, and the boho vibes.KINDRED ROW is a blend of earthy handmade items to help promote positive energy, self-love, and expression. Our designs are inspired by alchemy, celestial and spiritual elements. Founded in 2019, our pieces are handmade in California.


Welding & Soldering

In 2015, I started my training to become a Metalsmith at Liloveve Jewelry School in Brooklyn, NY.

Stone Setting
In 2017, when I moved to Los Angeles I took a course to learn how to set stones at Precious Metals Arts in Santa Monica, CA. It taught me how to use burs to cut seats for flush and bead settings.

Wax Carving
In 2019, I wanted to get more custom and creative with my work so I took a course in Wax Carving at August Axel in Venice Beach, CA. I learned the basics of carving ring shapes.