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Rituals for Manifestation

Set Intentions

Write down your intentions of what you want to cleanse and what you want to manifest.

  • Who or what you wish to release or is no longer welcome in your space?
  • Who or what you would like to bring in or welcome into your space, in lieu of what is being released?

Start Your Smudging Ritual with Sage

  1. Carefully light one end of the smudge stick so the dried sage and flowers are smoldering slowly. (Keep sage at least 2 feet away from you.)
  2. Hold the sage from the bottom and waft around your space with your intentions in mind.
  3. Extinguish the sage by pressing the tip against a dish or a bowl so you can reuse for another time.
  4. Release the energy be opening the doors and windows.

Manifest New Intentions with Palo Santo

Burning palo santo is an excellent way to manifest positive thoughts and intentions after saying. Light up the stick and walk about the room clockwise and say aloud your intentions. Use crystals to 

💗 Self Love
I welcome transformation. I welcome growth. I welcome abundance. I follow my heart.
🌑 New Moon
I am ready to manifest joy and happiness. I am worthy and enough.
🌕 Full Moon
 I release fears and doubts. I release toxic relationships that serve me higher good. I release pain and suffer hindering my growth. 


Get Smudgin'!

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